Essential Oil Cases

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Carrying around all your essential oils in your bag is troublesome, especially when traveling. Not only does it possibly leave your bag messy and disorganized, but it also leaves your oils in a precarious position, clanking around, rubbing into other products that you might be carrying. In essence, it creates a whole lot of disharmony.

According to Japanese author Marie Kondo, renowned for her work on decluttering the personal life, one tip she gave was to tidy by category, rather than location. Wouldn’t it be easier to have your products arranged rather than scattered about?
At Soothing Terra, we offer a great selection of essential oil carrying or storage cases with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s always important to have a dedicated storage case to avoid clutter, and with our products, we assure you that our essential oil cases will make your life a little more hassle-free.


We understand that keeping your essential oils safe is important. From carrying your favourite essential oils when traveling, having them handy at your workplace, or any of your personal daily needs, our products come in different sizes, per your requirements. Our products can store a variety of sizes, from 5 ml, 10 ml, to 15 ml bottles. They also fit most bottles from other manufacturers of essential oils such as doTerra, Young Living, Edens Garden, among many others.

Our products aren’t solely meant for organization. Our expertly made containers are softly padded and are durable enough to withstand impact. Its enclosed space protects your favourite essential oils from harmful changes in ambient temperature and from sunlight.

If you’re one to carry a lot of baggage when traveling, our wonderfully crafted Hard Shell Essential Oils Carrying Case provides maximum protection and security with its high density foam. Made of high quality leather, the case holds up to forty 15 ml essential oil bottles held in place by a dual layered foam insert.

Among our smaller sizes, we have the compact Bottle Essential Oils Carrying Case with a carrying capacity of sixteen 2 ml vials. We offer them in an assortment of colors, to better suit your tastes. These are perfect if you’re looking to keep your essential oils organized in a purse or bag. And if you’re looking for a more petite option, we have a keychain case that may be the perfect choice for you.

Nevertheless, we have a great selection of essential oils cases for you to choose from in our catalogue below.