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Feel Invigorated with the Floral Scent of Palma Rosa

Feel Invigorated with the Floral Scent of Palma Rosa

Boasting of a scent similar to Geranium, Palma Rosa belongs to a family of lemon grass native to Indochina. It is widely cultivated due to the aromatic oil it produces. People call it in other names such as Turkish Geranium and rosha. The green, herbaceous grass shares semblances with citronella...

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Whether you are just starting to dabble with essential oils and only have a few bottles or you have an extensive collection that has gotten a bit out-of-control, you will find all the accessories you need here at Soothing Terra.

If you are going to invest in high quality oils then it only makes sense to properly store them. The right bottles will be tinted (usually amber or blue) to provide protection from the light. Ideally, they will be glass, especially if you are storing undiluted essential oils, as some can break down plastic, which destroys the oil and causes leakage.

Speaking of bottles, you are going to want to stock up on some droppers, too. These are perfect for your inventive creations. These are also ideal for medleys you put together for others. Whether you are creating a soothing blend for a friend dealing with stress or a healing blend for a loved one with the cold or flu; you will appreciate the high-quality droppers we have here.

Keeping your essential oils organized has never been easier. We offer products that make it simple to keep all your essential oils organized and in one place, so they are easy to find when you need them.

The cases and bags we have are also ideal for storage and organization, but they are primarily designed to protect the contents while being transferred between locations.